I actually just think this word is so funny and it had to be the title. More specifically this is about the myth that “people hurt my feelings.” This is for all you people pleasers out there and for my former self as well.

Everyone reading this can probably remember a time when someone told us not to do something because it would hurt someone else’s feelings. Maybe we’ve made the comment like, “Mom, Sara hurt my feelings!”

So it has been ingrained in our minds that people hurt our feelings.

And I’m here to tell you my friends—that is a false idea. It is simply not true. 

WE get to decide what words hurt us and what words don’t and more specifically, what it means when someone treats us unkindly.

Scenario 1: “(Insert your name), you are a bitch.”

First of all that is someone’s opinion and you must know that. Secondly, if you are genuinely hurt by that comment, it is a DIRECT reflection of your own thoughts. Do you ever doubt your worth? Do you wonder if you are a bitch? Do you question your decisions and judgements and actions? If you answer yes to any of these, then of course that comment triggers you.


Here is how I know this to be true.


Think of your mom or your dad or your beloved pet. What if I said, “(insert your name), you do not love your (insert your loved one/pet).” It’d be SO easy to laugh off or brush off because you know without a doubt, that it is not true.


Right?! Nuts, I tell you.