What is life & mindset coaching?

Anyone can find the dirt in someone…
be the one that finds the gold

My job is to help you find the gold inside of you.

So many of you are feeling complacent and mediocre. You repeat habits you want to break, you continue in poor relationships and you don’t find a ton of value in your day. I was that girl.

I help you move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want. Most of my clients are generally happy but feel “stuck” and/or are looking for MORE in certain areas of their lives—relationship, job, health, passion, hobby, project, etc. I will help you increase productivity in your days, weeks, months and years.

Do I have to have a problem to hire a coach?

Of course not! Some of the top professional athletes and most elite CEOs hire a coach for personal growth alone. Any reason you are feeling compelled to hire a coach is reason enough.

Is it all about positivity?

Yes and No…let me explain!

So many people tell me, “I love how positive you are” and “I love your positive posts…” This is the thing, this type of coaching is not necessarily being positive, it is more about CHOOSING the way you want to show up each day.

It is about you realizing how much control you have over your life. This work is also to help you understand that we as humans are not designed to feel happy and fantastic 100 percent of the time.

We think that when we are down, we have to “cheer up,” but I challenge you to work through every feeling that comes to you. It is all meaningful for your growth.  

What Is the difference between therapy & Life & Mindset Coaching? 

Therapy works through past-based issues while Life & Mindset Coaching empowers you to create more awareness around your thoughts and feelings and encourages you to work in the present and future to get what you want out of your incredible life.
Life & Mindset Coaching is not psychotherapy. 


Here is what to expect from me as your coach:

  • The synergy between you and I will create momentum and enthusiasm for you to dream BIG

  • You will learn new skills to use in every single avenue of your life

  • You will accomplish more with less effort because often times the barriers you create for yourself derail you

  • You will find how easy it will be for you to accomplish something that seemed so out of reach previously

  • You will get to know yourself on a much deeper level

  • I will remind you that you are loved and worthy and incredible UNTIL you take ownership of that belief yourself

Why should I hire you?

I believe with all of my heart that everyone needs a coach. I have a coach. My coach has a coach. The most incredible CEOs and professional athletes hire coaches. While I am not the coach for everyone, I believe with all my heart that my current and future clients NEED me to work in and through their lives with them. If you think that is you, keep reading.

Striving for a goal or training alone for anything increases productivity by 22.4 percent while training combined with weekly coaching increases productivity by 88 percent.

Dale Carnegie suggests, “If you are not satisfied with [the results in your life], why not experiment?”

This life we are gifted is TOO short to make it anything less than what we deserve and dream about so why not just GO for it?!

What will I have to do?

There are three key requirements of you:

1.      You have to take a leap – in time you will find that confidence stems from being brave and taking courageous action

2.      You must be open-minded – this material is incredibly rewarding but does not reveal itself without putting in the work

3.      Find the best package for you under the "Let's Do This" tab

4.      Love yourself, always.