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I am a Life & Mindset Coach and serve as the Director of Softball Operations at the University of Arkansas.

What the heck is a Life & Mindset Coach?

Don’t worry, I asked myself the same question a few years back...

I help you move forward in all areas of your life and empower you to set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really desire.

Most of my clients are generally happy but feel “stuck” and/or are looking for MORE in certain areas of their lives. I will help you increase productivity in your days, weeks, months and years for four key reasons:

1. Accountability – weekly phone calls and homework tools

2. Expertise – I do this work EVERY day and know exactly how to help you uncover your inner Boss Lady

3. Delivery – I explain the material in a way that relates to you and in a way you will absolutely benefit


4. Speed – You always have access to me  


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Don’t you love learning about people’s stories? Gosh, I do! I appreciate you for taking the time to learn mine.

Carolina On My Mind

I was raised in Newport, North Carolina… “North Carolina, come on and raise up!” Petey Pablo, anyone? It is a small coastal town north of Wilmington, NC and near Morehead City, NC. My household consisted of my younger brother Michael, my mom Kathleen and my dad David.

Sports were always a huge part of my life and they continually open doors for me. I was fortunate enough to earn a softball scholarship at the University of North Carolina where I majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. My parents divorced when I was a sophomore in college and my dad is now remarried.

Pimpin All Over The World

Like so many of us (us as in most people at some point in their lives), I had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree so upon being thrown into “the real world,” I set up a few internships for myself. I worked in Atlanta for Allied Integrated Marketing and then in Charlotte for the Charlotte Sports Foundation. From there I went into sales…I literally stood in Sam’s Club selling skin care products to anyone and their grandma who walked by my booth. You do what you’ve got to do, right?





My whole job now is helping you avoid a situation like that one to find what you truly desire. While I was only in that position for a few months, I set the sales record for the nation with the product at that time and was able to begin mentoring other sales reps. That was cool.

I then began as a Leasing Consultant working for a luxury apartment community in Wilmington, NC. My job there was great because I got to meet all kinds of different people who were looking for their next home. I was nominated for several leasing awards and promoted pretty quickly.


Even when things were at their best, I felt like real estate wasn’t my calling so I started praying about getting back into college athletics. I kid you not, I remember writing in my journal “I feel like I’m running in the woods with blinders on and I hope you are looking down laughing at me because you have a plan…” The very next day my college softball coach called me and said Arkansas was looking for a Director of Operations.

So I googled where Arkansas was on the map….and here I am, three years later!


Work Coffee Eye.jpg

My “Ah-Ha” Moment. 


When I first took my job, I told everyone it was a dream job. And I MEANT it! My boss aka our head softball coach is an amazing human being and a super-mom and just all around goals. She is the reason I took the job so quickly. I felt like God nudged me in this direction a little but then after my first phone call with my boss, something felt right and I moved here sight unseen. Go with your gut, always.

I’m getting all in my feels now but seriously, I have an incredible job. The rest of the staff is just as amazing and I get to serve them and a group of gifted young women all for the sport that gave me so much.

"Get The Heck Over It"

So then what? Well one particular event. I remember sitting in my office listening to the coaches go on and on and on and on and on about one play in our game the weekend before. I rolled my eyes and my initial thought was, “get the heck over it.” BUT in the very next thought, I imagined what it would be like to be SO passionate about what I do. SO passionate that I could talk for hours and hours and go on and on about my JOB (Lol to everyone who now rolls their eyes when I nerd out about Life & Mindset Coaching)!

Those two incidents and hiring my coach gave me some momentum. So did a proposal I wrote for graduate school about motivation.  I finished my masters in Recreation and Sport Management in May 2018.

Now I’m kicking butt and taking names in both jobs and I’m so ready to keep sharing these tools with women like YOU who aspire for so much more.