The F Word.


You will never hear the world “failure” in my vocabulary (unless I’m teaching on the topic). This is a made up word to polarize and define success for a lot of people.

Answer these questions for me one-by-one:

What is your current definition of failure?

How does it support what you want?


Let’s say you want to lose weight. If you overeat one night or have a few too many treats (I love this word), do you call it a failure? In the common definition of the word, this means you THINK “I failed.” The simple thought “I failed,” creates an unpleasant physical feeling in your body and the result is highly likely to lead to you continually making unhealthy choices or contribute to a lack of motivation.

How does this definition of “failure” support you? It doesn’t.

Work to redefine “failure.” My two golden rules are 1 – I either succeed or I LEARN and 2 – If I do not succeed, this is NO reflection on me or my character or my ability or my worthiness. If it was a launch or a project or a Discovery Call, then it was simply not the right match nor time.


That is all, my friends.