Fake News.


For the past (insert your age here) years, you have been making decisions and thinking within the same thought patterns.

Our brains are designed (there is science out thur) to protect us, keep us safe and find the easiest way.  So when my coach told the price for her services 2 years ago, my brain kicked into gear: “Too expensive,” “I have student loans,” “I don’t have the money,” “what if I don’t commit for that long and waste both of our time?”


I made the decision NOT to work with her the first go-round. Well joke was on me because I used the same decision making process in THAT moment that I had been using for 25 years when I sought her services initially to change something in my life. So I eventually hired her a year later.

The point IS “I don’t have the money” can be so true and so real but it is actually a THOUGHT. It is a story we create for ourselves. The second time I sought my coach, my thought was “I want this so bad that I’ll find a way,” “I love myself so much that I’m going to show up for myself because I desire more.”


I changed the story.

Stories can also be as simple as “if I don’t go to bed at 10p.m., I can’t wake up for my early morning workout.” I seriously lived by this forever so that IF I didn’t get up for my workout, I had created a legitimate (to me anyway) story of why I skipped to make myself feel better. Of course I feel more rested if I go to bed by 10p.m. when I wake up for an AM workout but I no longer hold onto that story so I have no reason NOT to get up.