Precious Time. 


“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”


Charles Brixton is the author of this quote—I’m not sure who he is—but this statement is MONEY! How many times (no pun intended) have you heard someone say, “I haven’t found the time…” or “I don’t have the time…” or “I need to find the time for…?” A LOT, I’m sure.

In reality, this means that you or whoever is actually not MAKING the time to do (insert thing). It is all about taking control of your day and deciding that you are going to do something. Yes, circumstances will get in the way here and there but we all know damn well that if we want something bad enough, we will make the time. Right?!

Sometimes I have to have a “come-to-Jesus” talk with myself in terms of time. In these moments I think back on my day or my week and analyze :

(1) where I am spending my time &


(2) is what I am spending my time on or not spending my time on contributing to what I want for my life


For example, there were times back in the day when I would binge watch Netflix instead of reading or listening to podcasts or journaling when what I wanted for my life was not to be a Netflix specialist but really a Life & Mindset Coach.

I strongly believe we make time for what is most important. What do you want most out of your life and where are you investing your time? I say investing because it DOES add up. The days where I made time to study this material added up. And when I studied every single day for a year that added up to 365 study days.

Your time is precious…and so are you.

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