Treat Yo Self.


There is a lot of material out there on the topic of “work-life” balance. It is all good stuff but I want to challenge you to look at that topic slightly differently with me.

Who we are in life is definitely who we are in work so to think of work and life as two segmented topics is misleading. For us females, our brains are like intertwined wires and the way we make decisions in one area of our lives is the way we make decisions in ALL areas of our lives—whether we realize it or not.


When I first started working with my coach, I wasn’t “two feet in” and I’d wake up JUST in time to get on my call and wouldn’t do much of the work afterward throughout the week. At that time I was ALSO casually showing up for my workouts and casually drinking too much on a Saturday night and wasting a Sunday when I had planned to cook for the week…things like that.

Once I began showing up for MYSELF, everything else fell into place. It is called harmony, people. Repeat after me, harmony. Whether you are a mom or have a busy schedule (we all do) or are juggling multiple jobs or whatever else it taking up your time, you must intentionally make the time to treat yo self.


You do not have to feel guilty for making this time for yourself. You can think about it as managing your wellbeing so you show up as the best employee, mom, wife, girlfriend, friend, trainer, etc. possible. So you are really STILL taking care of everything and everyone around you.

Work to create harmony in your life by taking care of yourself.