Why Power is the motivating choices that are aligned with your core self, highest values and ultimately your purpose.

What is my  WhyPower  AKA Why am I a Life & Mindset Coach?

To help YOU...

Create TONS of ah-ha moments

 Rediscover your inner BOSS LADY

 Take COMPLETE ownership for your happiness

 Find your PASSIONS

 Break DOWN the stories you create about yourself and your life

 MANIFEST your dream life RIGHT where you are RIGHT now

Listen, we ultimately KNOW what to do to loss the weight, get the job, etc. BUT we don’t always DO those things.

So I am here to help you bridge the gap between KNOWING and DOING. I’m here to hold you accountable to show up as the highest version of yourself. I’m here to give you the tools to uncover how incredible you truly are and how much MORE you will get out of your life.

How do I know all of this to be true? From my own experience.  


If you read Who IS This Girl, you know my story but what I didn’t share is MY results. The results I got from doing this work. So here it goes…

Director of Operation

I love this job EVEN more AND I got a raise just six months after launching my personal business.

When I first took my job as Director of Softball Operations at Arkansas I was beyond excited for the opportunity. It was new and exciting and challenging because everything from my roommate to the state where I was/am living to the work I was doing was brand new to me.

However, once I had year one under my belt, a similar feeling of unrest resurfaced for me. I felt like I was missing out on something if I didn’t move up in my position (but where did I go?) or take on a new challenge. Something was missing. I didn’t want to give up my job for many, many reasons but I knew I was meant for more.

You learned about all of the events that led me to my job as a Life & Mindset Coach but while building this business I battled with constant mind drama surrounding my other job.

"What will my coaches think of me?" & "Will people in my department think I’m not doing a good job because I am building a business?"

INSTEAD I showed up to my job more passionately than ever. I used my time more efficiently and looked for more opportunities all around. I started a monthly Director of Operations meeting to connect all of the D Ops across each of our sports programs. I was recognized for my increased efforts in a monthly department meeting. And best of all, I got an unexpected raise! 


My clients are showing up and growing into the women they desire to become and simultaneously pushing me to continually grow.

We ALL battle with the same fears. It is HUMAN of us to have these fears. While I had big dreams of building my business, I feared other people not finding value in my services. I feared other people making a mockery of my work. I feared working hard for this goal and then giving up after a while. But despite these fears, I showed up anyway.

I did (and still do) the mindset work with my coach. And my journey started. I began sharing more of myself on social media. I did my first FB live. I created a four week FB group and 30 women signed up to get MY content! Then, I signed my first client and the journey continues from there.

You see, the THING that propelled me forward was this big fat dream and the excitement for my future AND the realization that the fears I had were only thoughts—nothing else. These thoughts hadn’t happened yet and were not REAL. I realized my business is mine to create.